Hey, what's up? We are Radical Elements, a software company.

We are building stuff for the web since 2005 and we love it.

Some parts of our philosophy around coding (and sometimes life):

  • Things are never as simple as we would want them to be
  • No one will ever complain because a page loads too fast
  • Design some things as if they would last forever
  • Communication and documentation are sometimes more important than code
  • Start small and, if you can afford it, stay small (or at least try)
2021 Fast Break v1

The first release of our headless eCommerce service.

2021 Lucent CMS v3

Release of the 3rd iteration of our favorite headless CMS.

2018 Moodwalk

Moodbard and bookmarking (closed beta)

2017 Storyloom

Publishing platform and newsroom management

2015 Radical Elements was founded

We finally have a name and offices in the center of Athens.

2014 Lucent CMS v1

2012 Dealemma

Deal management platform

2009 Enet.gr

We were lucky to work with one of the most historical newspapers in Greece.

2006 Webz.gr

Tech blog

2005 Our first job

Hobby.gr, a very popular e-shop with art and hobby products.